About Us

Our goal at All Paleo diet, is to share with you the many benefits of living a Paleo lifestyle, how eating whole foods can directly impact your health and well being in a positive way.

My husband Matt and myself chose to start eating a Paleo diet for different reasons, we did so after talking to friends who had already adopted the Paleo lifestyle. We saw how their lives transitioned from being overweight, sluggish, generally unwell, to optimal health, lean, toned, full of energy and feeling great. Matt being a member of many triathlete forums, was in contact with other athletes who were getting amazing results by adopting the Paleo diet. I now firmly believe nutrition plays such an important role in maintaining a healthy body, what we eat directly impacts our health, yet so many people neglect this, even elite athletes. You can be physically fit but unhealthy on the inside, diet plays a crucial part in being truly healthy.

Matt Finishing Line Foster Half Ironman   Angelique Half Ironman Yepoon
On the left, Matt racing over the finish line in the Foster Half Ironman. On the right myself preparing to race the bike leg in the Yeppoon Half Ironman.


Matt’s journey

In training to be an ironman triathlete, Matt was relatively fit and healthy, not over weight at all but struggled to perform to what he would term an ‘optimal level’. He was keen to try eating a Paleo diet after hearing it would improve his endurance level. The proof was in the pudding (or lack thereof) even after the first month of omitting sugar, grain and diary from his diet, his performance did in fact improve. He was forever commenting how great he felt, how much energy he had, his skin was so clear and all the sweat pimples from training were no longer appearing, he wasn’t consuming the large amounts of hidden sugars he had been previously.  What I found amazing is that he stopped snoring, such an ‘out of the blue’ pleasant surprise especially for me. After a six month period he lost 8 kilograms of fat and maintains that weight even today, he continues to feel great, always bounding and full of energy, he is happy eating the Paleo way.

My journey

My reasons for starting the Paleo diet were from a place of being overweight, suffering from a thyroid condition (hypothyroid), lack of energy, achy body and migraines. I had tried many diets to shift the weight but struggled, even though the doctors said I should be able to loose weight as my medication and TSH levels were correct. Wrong… nothing was working! After reading many books on the Paleo diet, as I like to do my research, I was happy to give the Paleo lifestyle a try. There was nothing to loose but the many pounds of fat hanging off me.

In mentioning research, the links to books we publish on our website are books we have personally purchased ourselves and recommend. These links are affiliate links of which we do receive a small commission if you purchase them at no extra cost to you, and only buy them if you feel you would like to. These books have been invaluable to me over time, in referencing what foods my husband and I should be consuming and avoiding, and most of all for the recipes and menu planning. For me who loves cooking – I can never have enough Paleo diet cookbooks!

I started our Paleo journey by firstly throwing out all the bad oils, vegetable oil, margarine and canola oil. I replaced our pantry with a good quality olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, ghee and my favourite, duck lard. Once I had a handle of swapping the bad oils for good I took a leap of faith and emptied our entire pantry of ill fated processed foods, packets of chips, biscuits, can food, sauces, flour, pasta and rice etc. It all went, donated to a local charity for distribution to the needy. Armed with a grocery list a mile long I ventured to my local health food store ‘Wray Organics’, struck up a rapport with the store owner and filled my trolley with all foods allowable on the Paleo diet. This meant all grains, legumes and dairy food were also now eliminated from our diet.

After the first month on the Paleo diet I too started to notice wonderful positive changes, my skin glowed, my complexion was so clear and my hair was so shiny. I had energy like never before, it is hard to describe but I felt so strong. Most importantly for me I lost 2 kilograms without exercising at this point.  By the end of the second month my aches and pains left me which I was thrilled about and as a result began walking to build my strength. My weight really started to shift at this point, I was loosing up to 2-3 kilograms a week and felt great. The Paleo diet meant I was eating the right combination of food for me, the right balance of protein and fiber which is important if you have a thyroid condition. My migraines are virtually non existent and only experience them now if I aggravate an old sporting injury, not from eating wrong foods. My menstrual cycle is no longer heavy and draining. I am no longer bloating, in the past I had severe bloating to the point I looked 3 months pregnant, it was very embarrassing and quite painful.

In Summary

Overall the Paleo lifestyle for both Matt and myself has been life changing, we sing its praises having experienced the many health benefits first hand. Having taken it one step further, in no longer using chemical cleaning products in our home, using all natural products such as soaps and toothpaste, you could almost say we feel more in touch with our paleolithic ancestors than ever before. We are active, enjoying yoga, cycling, adventure sports, getting our dose of sunshine daily and enough sleep, we have an optimistic outlook on life.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the blog.